Ronnie O’Sullivan Offered £40,000 For 147 Break After Saying £10,000 Was ‘Too Cheap’

Ronnie O’Sullivan Offered £40,000 For 147 Break After Saying £10,000 Was ‘Too Cheap’

Ronnie O’Sullivan has been offered a whopping £40,000 to make a 147 break during the Welsh Open, after he turned his nose up at the £10,000 previously on offer.

As we told you yesterday, The Rocket was competing in the first round of the competition against Barry Pinches, when he looked on course to notch up the fourteenth maximum break of his trophy-laden career.

But after enquiring to spectators in the gallery and commentary box about the prize on offer, O’Sullivan seemed less than impressed when he found out it was just the £10k on offer, and proceeded to go for a pink, rather than an easy black, leaving his total for the frame at 146.

But bookmakers Paddy Power have laid down the gauntlet to the five-time world champion and upped the ante by offering him an increased pot of £40,000 if can hit the maximum.

According to The Sun, the Irish betting firm said: “Maximum breaks are rarer than a Manchester United victory these days but you can’t blame Ronnie for baulking at a measly £10k.

“It’s never boring when this man is at the table and we were more than happy to stick up the £61,000 in the hope he doesn’t ignore the black next time.”

What do you think of the offer? And was O’Sullivan right to knock back the ten grand?

Let us know in the comments section below…


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