Sky Sports Rugby Pundit Spotted With a Doodle of a Penis on His Notes

Sky Sports Rugby Pundit Spotted With a Doodle of a Penis on His Notes

You remember in school when you used to draw silly doodles whilst the teacher was talking? And sometimes the drawings would sometimes stray into x-rated territory?

Well, it turns out whilst most of us grow out of these infantile antics Sky Sports rugby analyst Jon Wells seems to still be rather amused by them.

Appearing on the broadcaster’s coverage of the Super League match between Wigan and Catalan on Sky Sports on Friday night, there didn’t seem anything remarkable about the former England international’s analysis.

But upon closer inspection, there seemed to be something very suspect on the back of his notes taken before anfd during the game…


We’re not experts, but that certainly looks like a doodle of a penis to us…it even has pubic hair drawn on.

It didn’t go unnoticed by viewers either:

Now, we can’t be sure it was Wells’s doing – maybe he was stitched-up by a colleague – but, either way, pretty embarrassing.


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