Uncertainty on Tommaso Ciampa Amid Slough of Injury Reports

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Uncertainty on Tommaso Ciampa Amid Slough of Injury Reports

NXT wrestler Tommaso Ciampa is apparently truly injured, if his and NXT’s silence are to be believed.

Ciampa was one of a trio of wrestlers apparently injured on Friday’s WWE and NXT house shows, with Charlotte being cut open when she landed face first on the apron while wrestling Becky Lynch in an accidental bad landing, resulting in Charlotte reportedly bleeding quite a bit; at least enough for the referee to have to wipe down the mat before the next match.

The second came at the same NXT show as Ciampa’s injury, with Emma seemingly being legitimately knocked out by an errant Asuka kick to the head, with the match being stopped and Emma being helped to the back.

Emma and Charlotte have both tweeted that they are fine, and both wrestled on scheduled house shows Saturday night.

Tommaso Ciampa, however, has made no such announcement on his social media after seeming to suffer an unknown injury, with some reports stating that he looked to favor a shoulder after taking The Revival’s finishing move, and another stating that he walked slowly to the back with tag partner Johnny Gargano after five minutes on the canvas after the finish.

Friday night saw NXT Live at the Arnold Classic strongman competition in Columbus, Ohio, where Gargano faced Riddick Moss in a singles match, with Ciampa not appearing on the show and the NXT Tag titles being the only titles not defended on the show, likely meaning The Revival and Gargano/Ciampa were to have a rematch that was hastily rescheduled.

NXT nor WWE have commented on the situation as of this writing.


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