Close-Up of Shane McMahon Money Released Inside AT&T Stadium

Close-Up of Shane McMahon Money Released Inside AT&T Stadium

Shane McMahon released $32 bills with his face on them as he entered the ring to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32.

Shane-O-Mac’s Hell in a Cell match with the Deadman has been the standout bout of tonight’s big event ever since he made his shock return to WWE two months ago.

Control of the company is on the line and they pulled out all the stops with the pre-match build-up – that includes the entrances.

While the Undertaker was his usual slow self getting to the ring, McMahon bounced out alongside his kids while his custom cash rained from the sky.

And they will serve as memorable souvenirs for the 80,000-strong WWE diehards who were inside the AT&T Stadium.

This is a close-up of what one of the bills looks like:

It was an epic start to what should be an epic match between ‘taker and Shane-O-Mac at an already memorable Wrestlemania.

For the rest of the action so far from WWE’s big event, see our WWE page.

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