Fan Footage of Shane McMahon Jumping 20 Feet on to a Table Will Make You Shudder

Fan Footage of Shane McMahon Jumping 20 Feet on to a Table Will Make You Shudder

Shane McMahon seriously jumped from 20 feet on to a commentary table during his Wrestlemania classic with the Undertaker tonight.

Shane-O-Mac’s Hell in a Cell match with ‘Taker was always destined to be great – but fans were treated to a sheer spectacle as McMahon and the Deadman put their bodies on the line.

And it didn’t get any more dangerous than the moment Shane jumped 20 feet from the top of the cell on to a commentary table just as the Undertaker moved out of range.

A fan was on hand to catch the moment he launched himself from the cell and the footage will literally make your bones jangle:

It makes you feel sore, doesn’t it?

Shane instantly looked in pain as he collided with the table and could only be carried into the ring before the Undertaker dished out a Tombstone to finish the match and get the win.

Judging by the reaction on social media, that moment will go down in history alongside some of the greatest fights ever seen at WWE’s biggest event.

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