Eubank Misses Deadline Shocker – The World Refuses to Hold Its Breath…

Eubank Misses Deadline Shocker – The World Refuses to Hold Its Breath…

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Full Stop

It was the news we were all waiting for – the best pound for pound boxer on the planet, the knockout king, the man for whom the crowns of Mayweather and Ali may have been fashioned – announces his next opponent.

We had been prepared for the Dandy Dan of British boxing to be the guy who had talked, some might say sleep walked into the away dressing room, to fill the blue corner. Some of us, who had been a Benn fan and not a Eubank supporter, looked forward to seeing if the son was any measure of his father. In the end, it would appear that dad mucked up.

When Chris Eubank Sr gave Connor Benn a fatherly lecture about the whereabouts of his own dad at a recent press conference, both son and father retorted that Senior should leave off telling their Junior how to behave. Eddie Hearn has now come out with a lot to say about how this daddy day care has behaved over contract negotiations with GGG; most of it is not good.

And so Gennady Golovkin, the aforementioned baddest man on the planet is the guy who has announced that his next opponent shall be Kell Brook who moves from welterweight to middleweight in order to take him on. Brook apparently took the deal that was on the table and that the Eubanks let slip past the deadline to sign. They are now yesterday’s news.

Hearn has bemoaned about how 3 weeks of negotiations involving the Eubanks felt like 3 years. GGG tweeted that he had done all his work but Eubank Jr seemed to have lost his pen when it came to signing at his side. The boxing world sighed and shook their head at it all with many simply having a knowing smile that says, we could have predicted this.

Since Junior stepped into the professional ring the shadow, some might call it a spectre, of his father has been over his shoulder. Whether it be dad dancing behind him in ring walks, commanding his presence be acknowledged at press conferences, changing his name to English or standing in the centre of the ring to motivate his child during the minute breaks between rounds in fights, Chris Eubank Senior has been 21st century news. Having left his boxing career behind in the 20th century this is the man who has the swagger that would dry a washing and the arrogance to make you fold it for him.

Of course the theorists are out now and many believe that the Eubanks did not really want the fight; I think they did. There are many that think they have thrown away a golden opportunity; I am not sure they have. There are some who believe that Brook has made a mistake; I don’t, like Amir Khan I think this is a brilliant fight for Brook.

For the Eubanks, is it back to British title action? One thing is for sure, they shall probably not be associated with Matchroom for much longer. Hearn lost time and money on this. Having spent a considerable period working on the Brook/Vargas unification fight at the same time as the GG/Eubank camp fight he could have saved 3 weeks of his life by cutting out Vargas and the Eubanks. He was not to know at the time but now, after the harsh words could the Hearns and the Eubanks – both ironically massive father and son teams – get in the same room again?

This is boxing, this is entertainment, this is razzmatazz, all things are possible. And that’s why I think the Eubanks have a longer term strategy, they think they can build bigger fights, Brook shall show how great a fighter he really is and Eubank will be waiting in the wings to try and sweep up all the world titles. The question we all want to know – is will they be successful? THAT is the story yet to be written…


Matches that got made…

Just to add some spice to their encounter – like it was needed, Chris Arreola says the best heavyweight in the world is Tyson Fury and not his opponent next week, Deontay Wilder

Carl Frampton has spoken of his desire of becoming a two weight world champion so that he creates a legacy. In terms of Northern Ireland and partly due to the success of their football team, this is not just no mean feat but also part of the healing process that sport can bring to the Province. Having moved his training camp to the States this week Frampton is taking no chances with such a legacy within reach.

The Anthony Crolla undercard just got a British title fight added as Tomi Tatham and Liam Conroy have now been slated to fight for one at light heavyweight.

Josh Warrington, out in Leeds on the 30th July knows how hard his fight with Patrick Hyland is going to be but wants an all-out war to prove to everyone just how much of a warrior he is. He has also hit back at Lee Selby, saying he moved his wedding – twice – to try and get a date sorted – I have a funny feeling this is a 2017 fight that shall light up the domestic market…

No mercy, that’s the message to Tim-Robin Lihaug from the comeback camp of Arthur Abraham. Many thought Abraham might call it a day after the loss of his world title but not a bit of it and we look on with interest as he tries to get back to the heights he scaled and stayed at for so long.

Antonio Margarito will be back in action on the 13th August to take on Ramon Alvarez – Canelo’s brother in California. Margarito has come back after 5 years out and Alvarez who beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s brother Omar has been winning regularly and often of late so this could be a cracking contest.

Matches yet to be made

They do say that the defeat is not necessarily the issue but the recovery definitely is. Luke Campbell, back in action later this month, has spoken of how his one loss was a “blessing in disguise” and he cannot wait to get back in the ring, return to being mentioned as a future champion and bag a world title shot.

No matter who Callum Smith’s next ring encounter is with Smith knows he is a work in progress but he really needs to deliver. Of the 4 brothers many, including his siblings, think he is the best of them and the next step on his journey could be a very interesting chapter.

Matches that people want to be made…

Time will tell but now that his dream of taking on GGG has gone for now, Chris Eubank Jr has been talking a rematch with Billy Joe Saunders… Saunders is back on the 17th September – could it be for a Junior?

Demetrius Andrade meanwhile has made it plain and clear that Saul Canelo Alvarez has one pathway to true greatness in front of him and he is in his way. Matching him, as he contends they are, against easier opponents will neither endear him to the fans or make his legacy but a fight with Andrade will. Let’s see if Golden Boy agree…

Another big name, Antonio Tarver, has been talking his way into a fight with Dillian Whyte. Whyte has been telling him to behave himself but at 47, it may be too late for Tarver… Tarver is looking for a massive payday and a fight with Whyte, possibly at the end of this month could engineer a scrap with Anthony Joshua…

Talking of heavyweights, the heavyweight panto goes on as the Fury camp say oh yes it is – the rematch with Wladimir Klitschko is the 29th October whilst Klitschko’s camp say oh no it isn’t…

Meanwhile on the road to redemption – a successful one this time – David Price has been called out by Eric Molina though Molina has warned the Liverpudlian that he will be facing another loss on his record if he takes the fight.

And finally, Nick Blackwell has been overwhelmed by the generosity of David Haye who has provided advice, counselling and his presence along with £100,000 to help the young former fighter out.

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