Jockey Chris Meehan is Run Over By An Ambulance Coming to His Aid

Jockey Chris Meehan is Run Over By An Ambulance Coming to His Aid

Jockey Chris Meehan was at the centre of a bizarre incident over the weekend as he was kicked by a horse – and then ran over by the ambulance coming to his aid.

Meehan, 22, was racing at the Merano Track in Italy on Sunday, when he fell off his horse, and had his nose broken as one if its hooves caught him on the face on the way down.

But, remarkably, the Northern Irishman was about to experience even more pain, as the ambulance coming to his rescue managed to run over him, breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle.

He told the BBC: “Because it’s such a small tight track, they had to turn around and as they went to turn the ambulance, it reversed on top of my leg.

“After I left a roar out of me, everybody realised that the ambulance was on top of me and they all jumped up and pushed it off me.”

On top of all that, Meehan needed 27 stitches to a gash on his jaw, and his leg injuries are thought to rule him out of action for the next several months.

Ironically, Meehan’s father has been an ambulance driver for over 30 years.


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