Police Troll Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston Using Pokémon Go Game

Police Troll Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston Using Pokémon Go Game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston is an easy target when it comes to shellfish… just ask the Florida State Police Department.

Before Winston was drafted to the Bucs as the first overall pick in 2015, he played college ball for Florida State, winning the Heisman Trophy.

However, Winston’s off field antics landed the youngster in trouble as he was infamously caught shoplifting crab legs from a Tallahassee Publix store.

And it seems the University of Florida Police Department haven’t forgotten the incident as they used the new Pokémon Go game to mock the 22-year-old.

The department used their official Twitter account to upload a picture of Pokémon creature Krabby, before asking if the photograph was actually taken in the FSU locker room:




Most stars would take exception to being mocked for their misdemeanours, however, Winston memorably uploaded a picture of himself eating crabs legs shortly after being drafted to the NFL.

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