Watt Retires and the World Waits for Rio…

Watt Retires and the World Waits for Rio…

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Full Stop

With the news this week that Jim Watt at the relatively young age of 68 is hanging up his mike we have had a few retrospectives written and not a few comments that it was about time. Over the last few years I have always noticed that there are people – including those in the boxing world – who took exception to Jim’s comments; it seems he hit a sore point.

That was what made him interesting. He was never one who followed a particular line and never one to shy away from an opinion. Having won British and World titles it made his opinion matter a little more than had it come from someone like me.

As someone who idolised the man as a boxer and was delighted to hear my own accent in international commentary there are, of course reasons as to why I might like hearing his views. The fact we live in the same town might also help though I have never plucked up the courage to either chap his door or approach him in Tesco’s! His commentary was always one that I enjoyed, even when I did not agree with what he was saying.

There have been too many times that I have found myself barking at the TV to remember any of the examples of my disagreements but I know there were plenty. It did provoke me into thinking, contemplating and sometimes even changing my opinions but I always knew that his views were worth listening to.

There are few on the TV that I object to in terms of commentary and I do love Steve Bunce, Paul Smith and Tony Bellew when they get close to a mike. It is their disarming honesty that gets me and the enthusiasm of Bunce in particular is infectious; why did they ever get rid of him on BBC Five Live…

Commentating is a skill and being able to talk through the fights and keep your interest is something that takes years of practice. I was very nearly doing some football commentary a number of years ago and that was particularly daunting. I know I can talk but for a full 90 minutes plus 15 minutes when nothing is happening?

There are certain sporting events where that 15 minutes break is hardly enough to vent your spleen but in the most part there are plenty of opportunities to vent it online so sometimes you can be having an imaginary conversation with someone on twitter whilst doing it of which you are completely unaware. The temptation is to react to that intervention from such a keyboard warrior and lose focus on the main event. Criticism comes with the territory and I always thought Watt dealt with it in a very dignified manner.

And so now Sky Sports have a vacancy… I wonder… They surely need to keep the regional accent tally up… don’t they???


Matches that got made…

Deontay Wilder’s win against Chris Arreola may have proven unbelievably costly as he has a torn bicep and a broken hand. That surely puts paid to being back out in 2016 and a possible showdown with anyone left to 2017? Surely? Meanwhile Joseph Parker is ready to take on Alexander Dimitrenko before facing the IBF champion Anthony Joshua. Parker is the IBF mandatory so Joshua will share a ring with him at some point so Parker clearly has some serious prep in mind.

Liam Smith, in his preparations for the fight with Canelo has been told – no football! It is obviously a love of his but a no, no if he wants to be in peak shape for the fight of his career so far. Support for Smith has come from what is an obvious source as Gennady Golovkin’s trainer Tom Leoffler has talked of how Canelo has taken on a very tough fight against the Liverpudlian with the suggestion or was it a hint that he might have made a huge error to boil down to the weight and take on the English fighter… unfortunately he stopped short though of suggesting that Canelo will lose.

Liam Walsh shall take one step closer to an IBF world title when he faces the Russian Andrey Klimov on an eliminator on the 8th October in Harrow.

Nathan Cleverly shall finally face Juergen Braehmar for the WBA light heavyweight title on the 1st October. It’s a fight that has nearly been made so many times that anticipation is heightened. Cleverly is more than aware that he really has to win this one.

As we are all aware it is now Rio and the Olympics. With the absurd decision to allow professionals in it is interesting to see that only 3 have made it – Italy’s Carmine Tommasone, Cameroon’s Hassan N’Dam N’jikam and Thailand’s Amnat Ruenroeng. The women’s boxing is now, for me, the main event as former champions, Claressa Shields, Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor all return to defend the titles they won in London.

Matches yet to be made

David Price looks to be getting back in the ring soon with a showdown and a massive one at that with knockout King, Eric Molina being seriously touted. A short walk through Price’s recent fight history shows just how dangerous that may be. His promoters see this a way of getting his name back in the mix – as long as his jaw keeps him in the fight…

Matches that people want to be made…

Having failed in his latest world title attempt, Ashley Theophane has been musing over what is next for him. After a little musing he has decided that a Ricky Burns fight is the only thing that would make him climb back in the ring in the UK. I wonder if Ricky has his number…

Danny Garcia is slated to be back in the ring come 24th September with Andre Berto a possible opponent. That would be a cracking fight though a reported $5 Million was turned down by Garcia to get in with Manny Pacquiao on the 5th November… Now remember, remember as the 5th is the date that Bob Arum has confirmed as the Manny Pacquiao return – just who he shall face has got everyone running to their laptops…

David Haye might have a new future opponent in mind as WBC silver champ, Johann Duhaupas fancies giving him a shot at his belt and a step towards the WBC title.

Amir Khan has been active on social media saying he would and could be the guy to go in against UFC superstar Connor MacGregor. The money might actually make this happen as Khan knows how to turn the wheel of fortune in his favour regularly…

Dillian Whyte may have David Allen to contend with just now but Derrick Chisora says he is patiently waiting for the chance to take him on and of course, beat him…

Finally, and this is a massive match up as MGM Scotland have announced a partnership with boxing broadcaster, Box Nation. It means that their October fights at Bellahouston shall be broadcast live. This is great for Scottish boxing and we shall now see David Brophy, Stephen Simmons, John Thain, Stephen Tiffney, Lewis Benson, Stevie Beattie and Jordan McCorry – among others on the TV!

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