Video: Michael Phelps Loved Jimmy Fallon Dressed as Ryan Lochte at the VMAs

Video: Michael Phelps Loved Jimmy Fallon Dressed as Ryan Lochte at the VMAs

Michael Phelps couldn’t believe Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Ryan Lochte at the VMAs last night.

One of the biggest award shows in music took place in Madison Square Garden with a whole host of big names in attendance, including Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake and Ariana Grande.

Usually you don’t see sport involved in the night at all.

But it was different last night when comedian and talk show host Fallon came out on stage to present an award.

He was dressed in a Team USA tracksuit and had a silver wig on – looking exactly the same as Lochte after his controversial appearance at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The swimmer won one gold medal at the Games, but attracted more attention for his claims that he was robbed at gunpoint during his time staying in the Brazilian city.

Those claims were later debunked and Lochte was forced to apologise for fabricating parts of his story – an incident which led him to be dropped by sponsors Speedo and Ralph Lauren.

So Fallon appearing as Lochte was sure to attract some attention – but US swimming legend Phelps looked fine with it, taking out his phone while appearing to mouth the words, “oh, my God!”

We really wish Lochte would give his thoughts on Fallon’s impersonation.

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