Jonny Brownlee Tweets From Hospital Bed After Race Ends With Brother Ali Pushing Him Over Line

Jonny Brownlee Tweets From Hospital Bed After Race Ends With Brother Ali Pushing Him Over Line

Jonny Brownlee has tweeted from his hospital bed after his brother Alistair pushed him over the finishing line in their Triathlon World Series final race in Mexico yesterday.

The Great British brothers were competing one final time this season, with Jonny vying for top spot in the standings.

And that looked like it was set to happen as he headed towards the finishing line in first place with just 500 metres to go.

But the hot and humid conditions in the Mexican island of Cozumel proved too much for him as he began to lose control of his leads before stopping almost completely before the home straight.

Rival Henri Schoeman and brother Ali were not long in making up the ground to Jonny, but while the South African carried on, the other Brownlee took the weight of his brother on his neck before helping run him to the end before pushing him over the finishing line in second place.

It was worrying to see Jonny’s condition deteriorate so quickly, but also amazing to watch Ali come to his aid at such a critical point of the race:

Fortunately, Jonny is on the mend and was quick to tweet his thanks to his brother Ali:

That is what you call good sportsmanship.


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