Mickey Gall Submits CM Punk

Photo credit: foxsports.com
Mickey Gall Submits CM Punk

Mickey Gall is a man of his word.

In his appearance on The MMA Hour in June, Gall said that he would take CM Punk out in “a little longer” than a minute, and that he’d “hit him hard, drop him, either pound him out, or tap him out.”

It was the latter.

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and Gall have been verbally sparring in the lead up to the fight, with Gall saying he wants more respect than being “the CM Punk guy,” and Punk calling Gall a “dork” and refusing to shake his hand at the weigh-in.

Gall almost immediately took Punk to the ground and spent just over two minutes dominating; raining down punches and elbows before putting Punk in a rear naked choke for a submission victory.

Punk told Joe Rogan after the fight that he’d be returning to the octagon, putting down speculation he’d be one and done.


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