Top 5 GAA Championship Scores of All-Time

Top 5 GAA Championship Scores of All-Time

We can’t be the only ones excited about the 2016 All-Ireland Finals being just around the corner?

A contest between the best two teams of each code, gaelic football and hurling, to determine who will win the ultimate prize of the season. Being ‘All-Ireland champions’ is the dream of every GAA team and player!

But what about the plays that make the games so entertaining and, ultimately, decide who wins?

There have been some breath-taking matches and scores over the GAA’s 131 years establishment and here we’ve broken down our top 5 Championship scores of all-time:

5. Joe Canning v Kilkenny in 2015

Galway talisman Joe Canning scored this spectacular goal against Kilkenny in the 2015 All-Ireland Hurling campaign. Just wow. This effort took my breath away as I watched live unable to understand how the Tribesman combined technique with athleticism all in the one move.

[youtube id=”JXW52XUSNJ4″ align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

4. Larr Corbett v Kilkenny in 2010

Tipperary corner forward Larr Corbett scored an incredible hat-trick of goals against Kilkenny in the 2010 All-Ireland Hurling Final. Kilkenny, the reigning champions, were going for a record five-in-a-row All-Irelands until the Premier County’s number 15 bagged three goals to end their reign at the top of the tree, sending shockwaves throughout Ireland as the champions lost their crown. Not bad eh?

[youtube id=”RztFiCl_r20″ align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

3. Owen Mulligan v Dublin in 2005

Tyrone came up against sworn enemy Dublin in the 2005 All-Ireland Football championship. These two teams have had their fair share of cracking games in the past, with a tense, heated rivalry which has gone on for decades. Tyrone are seen as the stronghold for Ulster football while Dublin the dominate force throughout the rest of Ireland. The Red Hands forward Owen Mulligan pulled off this great solo effort to go down in Championship football history.

[youtube id=”O3G1bwD0ao0″ align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

2. Stephen Cluxton v Kerry in 2010

A goalkeeper scoring the winning point, surely not!? Dublin Goalkeeper Stephen Cluxton’s fine effort to win the All-Ireland Football Final in 2011 for Dublin against Kerry is a moment remembered by many. Cluxton has been known for his free-taking ability and was tested with this tough outfield angle. The game was on the line. With a huge amount of pressure on the Dubs man, he confidently delivered on the biggest stage of all, winning the Sam Maguire trophy for his county.

[youtube id=”clRUjpRygqw” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

1. Diarmuid O’Sullivan v Limerick in 2001

It’s time for the moment of truth. Making it to my number one spot for top GAA championship scores is Cork’s mighty full-back Diarmuid O’Sullivan’s point. O’Sullivan, better known as ‘The Rock’ for his aggressive, no nonsense style of defending, scored this stunning point from play against Limerick in the 2001 Hurling Championship. He legally shoulder-barged the oncoming Limerick midfielder Jack Foley out of sight before unleashing an almighty swing of the hurly, landing one of the best Championship scores of all-time! Could you beat that?

[youtube id=”tHbGYbl608g” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]


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