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Watch: Bill Belichick throws Microsoft Surface Tablet in frustration

Watch: Bill Belichick throws Microsoft Surface Tablet in frustration

The Patriots and Bill Belichick weren’t having the best of days on Sunday in their shocking 16-0 upset loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, and neither was a harmless Microsoft tablet. A first-quarter touchdown pass to a LeSean McCoy set the frustration off for New England, as head coach Bill Belichick grabbed a Microsoft Surface tablet and chucked it.

By: Peter Elliott – Lead NFL, MLB, and NCAA writer – @PelliottSports

Here’s a clip of the incident:

At 64-years-old, it seems fair to assume that Belichick could hold his own against star Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in a spiking contest.

It should be noted that this isn’t New England’s first issue with Microsoft Surface tablets, as back in January during the AFC Championship game against the Denver Broncos, the Patriots’ tablets stopped working.

By now, you shouldn’t be shocked that Twitter had a field day with Belichick’s “Surface spike”. Here are just a few gems to come out of the social media site:

Never change, Bill.

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