Video: David Haye Calls Tony Bellew a “Bellend” on Instagram

Video: David Haye Calls Tony Bellew a “Bellend” on Instagram

It may be over four months until David Haye meets Tony Bellew in an all-British non-title heavyweight fight, but Haye is already making waves on social media ahead of the clash.

This morning, Haye logged on to his Instagram account and posted a video of himself calling Bellew a “bellend”.

The former WBA Heavyweight champion then claimed he would destroy Bellew on March 4, when the pair face off at London’s O2 Arena.



Haye seemingly hung up his gloves for good three years ago, however the Londoner made a return to the ring in January, producing a knockout win over Mark de Mori, followed by a victory over Arnold Gjergjaj in May.

Bellew called Haye out after his successful defence of his WBC world cruiserweight title against BJ Flores, claiming he is the biggest pay-day the veteran boxer will get.

Haye responded with some smack-talk of his own, aiming a jibe at Bellew for the role he played in the Rocky spin-off movie Creed.

“I’ve earned my credentials the hard way – inside the ring, not on film sets,” said Haye.

“There will be no second takes, no stuntmen taking the blows and no flashing lights on the red carpet. The only lights Bellew will see are those of the spotlights shining down on him when he wakes up from his nap on the canvas.”


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