Numerous Oddities at UFC 206 Weigh-Ins

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Numerous Oddities at UFC 206 Weigh-Ins

Three fighters missed weight at the UFC 206 weigh-ins Friday morning, and another fighter is being forced to shave his beard.

Valarie Letourneau had to break out the modesty towel and strip down as the last fighter to weigh in, and even with no clothes on still weighed in at 117.5 pounds, coming in a pound and a half over the 115 Strawweight limit.

Rustam Khabilov missed his target of 156 by two and a half pounds, coming in at 158.5, and he refused to weigh in a second time as the Toronto commission allows for.

However, the biggest weigh-in calamity came when “Showtime” Anthony Pettis came in at 148 for his interim Featherweight title fight with Max Holloway. Pettis did not re-weigh either, but the decision was made that Pettis will be docked 20% of his purse that is to be given to Holloway, and that if Holloway wins the fight, he will be crowned interim Featherweight champion, while Pettis will not if he wins.

Another bizarre incident happened when not only was Emil “Valhalla” Meek not allowed to bring his ax on stage to the scales, he was told he must shave his signature Viking beard if he wants to remain on the card; with Ontario commission rules stating that fighters are only allowed to have a “closely cropped mustache,”  but must otherwise be clean shaven.

It doesn’t seem that Khabilov or Letourneau will be taken off the card, at least at this time.



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