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Video: Dirk Kuyt Brilliantly Explains Why He’s Proud to be an ‘Adopted Scouser’

Video: Dirk Kuyt Brilliantly Explains Why He’s Proud to be an ‘Adopted Scouser’

Few Liverpool players in the modern era have achieved the same level of popularity as Dirk Kuyt – and by the looks of things the affection is 100% mutual.

The former Dutch international is still playing for hometown club Feyenoord at the grand age of 36, and managed an impressive 19 goals in just 32 matches last season.

Kuyt recently came up against Liverpool’s bitter rivals Manchester United in the Europa League group stage, winning 1-0 at home but losing 4-0 at Old Trafford.

And Kuyt has revealed that being called a ‘scouse bastard’ by the United supporters helped him realise exactly how much he loved being an adopted citizen of Merseyside:

We’re not entirely sure who Steve is, but if we were him, we’d be absolutely buzzing at receiving a message like that.

Few players really *get* what the football clubs they play for are all about, but it’s fair to say Dirk Kuyt understood exactly how privileged he was to pull on a Liverpool shirt for six years.

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