Arsene Wenger Managed to Get Frank Sinatra Played in Arsenal Dressing Room

Arsene Wenger Managed to Get Frank Sinatra Played in Arsenal Dressing Room

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is quite rightly regarded as one of British football’s great innovators, and will be remembered for some of his ingenious introductions to the game in England when he decides enough is enough and retires.

However, deciding to introduce Frank Sinatra to the Gunners’ dressing room will not go down as one of his finesyt moments.

It has been revealed by midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain that the Frenchman tried to infiltrate his players’ pre-match playlist after an offer from Theo Walcott, and Ol’ Blue Eyes has actually been played in the home changing room at the Emirates.

It sounds rather odd, but speaking to Kicca, Oxlade-Chamberlain explained: “I think it might have been Theo who went around and put everyone’s name in and got everyone to write in a song they wanted to hear.

“They actually had a column for the boss and I think he threw in Frank Sinatra, and it’s actually come on in the dressing room – a great song, what an artist, but it really killed the vibes out there

“You can’t be listening to Frank Sinatra and then Rick Ross the next track. That was a nice idea from Theo, he meant well, but it didn’t last long – that’s very Theo.”

The youth of today, eh? They’ll never know what real music is.

Perhaps if Wenger really wants to introduce new music, he should just do it his way next time (sorry).

We suspect that the moment Arsenal secure fourth spot in the Premier League this season, Queen’s We Are The Champions will be belting out from the Emirates sound system.



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