Phil Jones’ Stats For Manchester United This Season Are Incredible

Phil Jones’ Stats For Manchester United This Season Are Incredible

We all know Manchester United defender Phil Jones is going through something of a renaissance at the minute, but we were shocked to learn just how good his stats for this season are.

The England international seemed destined for pastures new when Jose Mourinho arrived this summer, following almost an entire campaign battling against injury last season.

But Jones has managed to battle his way back into the starting XI at Old Trafford, and it’s no coincidence that the club’s nine-game winning streak kicked off when he became an automatic starter again.

According to Who Scored, Jones has played 13 matches in 2016/17 for United and is yet to lose a single game.

Jones has played through an impressive 10 victories and three draws since Mourinho drafted him in and created his unlikely partnership with Marcos Rojo.

Moreover, with Jones playing, United have managed to keep a pretty formidable six clean sheets in those 13 matches, and the Red Devils have conceded a measly seven goals.

We hope Gareth Southgate has been watching closely, because if Jones isn’t in the next England squad it’s an absolute travesty.

What do you think of Jones’s season so far?

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In this week’s show, Daniel is joined by team members Jonny Boyle, Connor Boylan and Scott MacArthur as they bring you a Mc25 special.
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