Video: Jamie O’Hara Explains How He Ended Up Accidentally Sexting Spurs Team-mate

Video: Jamie O’Hara Explains How He Ended Up Accidentally Sexting Spurs Team-mate

In case you hadn’t heard Jamie O’Hara is back in the public eye again, but this time it’s not for playing football, but rather for going into the Big Brother house.

Yip, the former Tottenham, Wolves, Gillingham and Portsmouth midfielder, who is still just 30-years-old, is filling his pockets sitting in a TV set somewhere in the south of England rather than working on trying to find a new club.

But who are we to judge? We’ve all got bills to pay and O’Hara’s unexpected appearance on the reality TV show has perhaps provided one of the funniest anecdotal football prank stories we’ve heard in a long time.

It turns out one of his former team-mates at Spurs is an evil genius:

We would absolutely LOVE to know who the perpetrator was but, regardless, it’s fair to say O’Hara has indeed had an absolute nightmare.

Well played to whoever pulled that one off. Well played.



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