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Video: NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch Almost Crashes into Bus in Middle of Paisley Street

Video: NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch Almost Crashes into Bus in Middle of Paisley Street

We did not expect to see Marshawn Lynch on a BMX cycling around Paisley and almost crashing into a bus this afternoon.

But that’s what we’re dealing with one of the most unusual Tuesdays we’ve ever experienced on the site.

In case you don’t know who Lynch is, he’s an NFL legend who had a nine-year career in the league playing for the Buffalo Bills before the Seattle Seahawks.

The 30-year-old only retired at the end of last season after rushing for over 9,000 yards and becoming one of the best running backs the game has ever seen.

But what is he up to now? Well, today he’s been on a BMX having some fun in Glasgow.

For anyone doubting it’s really Lynch, you can quite clearly hear him questioning the man recording him and his Skittles bag is visible on the front.

That wasn’t just it – Lynch was then seen doing wheelies in the middle of the street before narrowly avoiding a bus:

It’s believed Lynch is in Paisley doing a shoot at Houston’s kiltmakers in the town’s high street and he may have something to do with the NFL UK’s visit to the city last night for a special Q&A at the King’s Theatre.

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