Doing the Khan Can’t…

Doing the Khan Can’t…

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You got to love Amir Khan. There are after all people who learn and people, well they never learn do they? His proposed fight against Kell Brook – that may NEVER happen – has been back page news in the boxing world for a while. He has been front page news in his own community thanks to sex tapes and fights between his family and his wife and then the sacking of some of his familial entourage.

In amongst all that, he is once again part of a strange social media poll by one of the top guys in the sport to see if the fans want him to fight him. Manny Pacquiao has repeated what Floyd Mayweather did and asked Twitter who should be his next opponent. Like Mayweather, he included Khan. Like the Mayweather poll, Khan came out on top. Khan will hope that the comparisons stop there because despite winning that poll he never got the fight.

It does tell us that Khan retains an air of popularity amongst boxing fans and they would like to see him fight again – and do so real soon – oh, and make it against a top opponent. Whether that is because they want him to win or be beaten may be up for debate but what is simply undeniable is, that is catches the imagination without a punch being thrown or anyone getting in a ring.

It has been a tough time personally for the former world champion and whilst many may argue over the trappings of his wealth seeping into his home life, Khan retains the impact of a top boxer and the following of one who is to be lauded and applauded. The next stage of his career, prior to retirement, may not be about belts but about money.

He has got to that time in his life where he needs to sit down with himself and be very clear about what he expects the end game of his career to be. Will it be one last push to be a multiple weight world champ or will it be the career defining last few fights which make him rich? The latter course of action of course, might make the boxing authorities chase him to sanction a few super fights.

Khan, though, has nothing to prove in a ring, and has given us years of a stellar career with plenty of high as well as some lows. The lows have made those highs seem so golden.

But Pacquiao? On Twitter? Mmmm.

Some in the media announced the fight for either the 20th or the 27th of May in the UK and whilst there seems to be an air of prematurity about thinking that it is dealt and dusted, it does seem credible that we are almost at the point of press conferences and declarations of respect between these two former gym partners. Twitter was where Pacquiao announced the negotiations were happening and with Chris Eubank Sr talking of how he will see his son take on James DeGale cos he challenged him on twitter it seems 140 characters or less is the way to go to get things done around here. Bob Arum was more conventional – an interview – stating that the Horn fight would have been done for the UAE but the backers there wanted Khan so maybe a fight in the dessert for Khan rather than in the UK.

It would be a great fight and there is little doubt that it would sell big as Pacquiao retains that air about him as a supreme athlete and tantalising fighter. The list of potential fighters for the Pac man included Jeff Horn who thought he had the fight in April.

The thing is that Khan needs to match Pacquiao in ways that did not last long enough against Canelo. That might prove tricky for the man from Bolton as he has shown heart, plenty of skill and speed but needs to show wins to keep getting in rings with stars such as Canelo, Pacquiao and even Brook. Beating Pacquiao would really make that happen but also so would Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson and if I were Amir’s advisor, and I never shall be, I might say fight Peterson or Garcia, acquit yourself well and then hit the big one with Manny…

As I keep saying though…

I never get what I want…


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