David Beckham’s Mum Brings the Jokes to His Instagram

David Beckham’s Mum Brings the Jokes to His Instagram

David Beckham’s mum is our new heroine after her brilliant comment on her son’s Instagram this morning.

We didn’t know Sandra Beckham was on Instagram until we spotted her funny response to her famous son’s post earlier today.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid was up nice and early and on the road along with his dog this morning.

But the dog wasn’t in the mood for travelling, choosing to get the head down for a sleep while on the journey.

Beckham made sure to take a picture, posting it to Instagram and writing: “I’m tired dad .. #mondaymorningsareruff.”

As usual, Becks probably expected the usual comments along with the 200,000+ likes – he probably didn’t expect to see his mum providing a brilliant bit of banter:

Optimized-Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.30.01

Obviously Beckham wasn’t coping well with his hangover after a night out on Saturday night.

But what about that joke from his mum, Sandra? Amazing!

Becks saw it and commented on his own post saying: “How great is it when your mum makes comments on your posts.”:

Optimized-Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.29.23

Unfortunately for us all, Sandra’s Instagram is private and looks like it’s just for friends and family so we’ll not be able get more of her quality banter.

But we’re sure this isn’t the last time she’ll embarrass her son or family.

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