Video: Cody Gribble Got Rid of an Alligator During the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Video: Cody Gribble Got Rid of an Alligator During the Arnold Palmer Invitational

For many a seasoned golfer, an alligator making its way onto the course isn’t really a big deal, especially if your name is Cody Gribble.

The 26-year-old performed the biggest ‘please, don’t try this at home‘ stunt of the week by shooing an alligator back into Bay Hill Lake.

The Texas-born pro resembled the late Steve ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin in this clip, as he nonchalantly approached the 6ft-long beast.

And rather than making a big deal of it, Gribble simply leaned over, tapped the gator on the tail and watched it quickly make its way back into the lake from which it had emerged in Orlando, Florida.

The PGA Tour’s official Twitter account was of course quick to recognise Gribble for his bravery, posting this Tweet:

And despite the fan-fair surrounding his gator-shooing antics, Gribble remained cool, calm and collected with his reply, adding that alligators deserve some exercise too:

Cool. As. You. Like.


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