Olympics Legend Michael Phelps is Seriously Going to Race a Great White Shark

Olympics Legend Michael Phelps is Seriously Going to Race a Great White Shark

No, you didn’t read the headline wrong – Michael Phelps really is going to race a Great White Shark as part of the Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’.

After becoming the most decorated Olympian of all-time, and essentially conquering all of the humans that posed him any sort of real threat, Phelps has obviously moved onto the animal kingdom, and is bidding to prove he can out-swim one nature’s most terrifying and most powerful beasts.

According to the Washington Post, it’s still not entirely clear what the rules for such an unprecedented competition will be, but the amazing feat is set to be aired in late July.

Lets just hope there’s enough separating the two lanes, eh.

Will it be a free-style swim, and do we even know if the Shark will get any enjoyment out of this? The last thing we’d want is for the poor animal to be scared.

What do you think of the race? Ridiculous or amazing?

Let us know in the comments section below…


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