Scottish Boxing Treats

Scottish Boxing Treats

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Scotland for once is spoilt for choice tonight as not one, not two but three bills are available in Paisley, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The strength of Scottish boxing just mounts by the week so it is heartening to see such diversity out there as MTK, Willie Limond and Lee McAllister are in the promotional chairs.

So tonight, in Meadowbank light heavyweight Tommy Philbin was due to take on Grant Quigley but it all looks like Quigley is out and Dickson has a new opponent. The bill also includes middleweight Iain Trotter, cruiserweight Rata Latianara, welterweight Lewis Benson, super lightweight Thomas Dickson, super featherweight Lewis Paulin and super featherweight Monty Ogilvie. There are very few mentions online of who will be in the opposite corners for each of the fighters but MTK Scotland are cute – home wins all round I wager.

Over in Paisley, Lock, Stock Promotions under Willie Limond are back and have welterweight Sam Allan making his debut against Mathew Ashmole, lightweight Gary Ducie also makes his debut against Jamie Quinn whilst we super bantamweight Gary Rae awaiting a foe. All 3 should start the night off well.

Added to the bill officially, though we knew they were kind of on it, are the pretty spectacular bantamweight Scott “titletaker” Allan and heavyweight Ian Millarview. Allan is back and raring to go against Dmitrijs Gutmans and I expect a very good showing from him. Heavyweight Ian Millarview is up against Tomas Mrazek and again Millarview will be expected to keep his train going in the one direction.

Super lightweight Ryan Smith faces Chris Adaway with the last man to beat Scott Allan on the bill, super bantamweight Ukashir Farooq, taking on Michael Barnor. Welterweight Stewart Burt is up against the wily William Warburton and all 3 will again be expected to have their hands raised at the end of it all.

Welterweight Craig McIntyre was due to be up against Nathan Hardy for the British International Masters Belt, however there seems to be some doubt on Boxrec and again McIntyre may end up without someone to face – Hardy was his third possible opponent.

Welterweight Frankie Gavin has tweeted he is on the bill but there aint nowt anywhere to confirm it whilst the headliner is super welterweight sensation Kieran Smith taking on Bradley Pryce for the British International Masters belt. Smith was the guy on Sky that blasted his opponent out in one round and then followed that up with a similar result on STV! Expect a similar result tonight I reckon!

Up north, in Aberdeen, we have some BIBA action as Lee McAllister promotes and takes part in a World title fight! Before that we have welterweight Philip Kotey facing Mohammed Meme, super flyweight Andy Cuthbert facing Thomas Murry and lightweight Nathan Beattie in against Igor Dubovs for the International Masters title. In all cases the home fighter will be expected to win but there are a few decent contests in here.


There are two big contests to end the night as cruiserweight Sandy Robb has the task of taking the WBF silver title against James Higgy and Lee McAllister takes on Frank Dodzi for the full WBF welterweight belt. Robb and McAllister wins would set the granite rocking and I cannot see any different result…

Is that all the Scottish action for the week? Hell no!

On Friday the 9th of June, in Glasgow we have Saltire Promotions with super welterweights Martin Harkin and Ryan Brawley, welterweight Andrew MacKay and super lightweight Willie Limond on a bill that is sure to entice many out to see it; especially of course if Limond is on it.

Fight fans can also catch some action in Dudley where there are 5 fights, and at Aston Vila’s ground in Birmingham with 7 fights.


Saturday 10th June

Paisley – On the Ropes promotions gives us lightweight action between James McGinnis and Paul Peers on his debut, cruiserweights Paddy Reilly and Stuart Maddox, then Ben McGivern v Malcolm Richardson on his debut, super middleweights Adam Stewart v Billy Edgar and Gary Wilson v James Calverley, also on his debut and finally super lightweight Barrie McRory makes his debut against Thomas Murry.

Belfast – Matchroom gives us an Irish cruiserweight title fight between Ian Tims and Luke Watkins, an IBF East/West lightweight tile battle between Paul Hyland Jr and Adam Dingsdale, a super featherweight fight between James Tennyson and Ben Jones and the top of the bill is Lee Haskins against Ryan Burnett for the IBF bantamweight belt.

York Hall – 15 fights including a super welterweight clash between Charlie Beardon and Dan Blackwell

Leigh – 9 fights, Stoke on Trent – 9 fights

Friday the 16th June

Manchester – 2 fights


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