Our Pick of 5 Managers Who Really Should Be Considered by Scotland

Our Pick of 5 Managers Who Really Should Be Considered by Scotland

Scotland are without a manager for the first time in almost five years following Gordon Strachan‘s departure – and we’ve compiled a list of five bosses who really should be in contention to take over.

The SFA confirmed earlier today that Strachan’s reign was over following his failure to lead the country to next year’s World Cup in Russia, and  rumours over who might succeed him will start to spread like wildfire on social media.

Here are our top picks for Stewart Regan and co’s consideration:

Sam Allardyce

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Nobody can question Big Sam’s managerial pedigree after almost two decades of doing a stand-up job in England’s Premier League. Newcastle, Blackburn and Sunderland were all relegated after showing Sam the door and it looks like Crystal Palace could be heading down a similar route.

He knows how to squeeze every sinew of talent from limited players, and he’s an expert in making teams amount ot more than the sum of their parts.

He’s out of work – and we’d be getting one over England…what’s not to like?!

Derek McInnes

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Can you think of a Scottish manager doing a better job anywhere in club football at the moment? No, us neither, and that’s precisely why he McInnes should be high on the SFA’s wanted list.

He’s transformed Aberdeen from a perennial bottom-six club to Scotland’s second major force, and he’s managed to pick up some silverware along the way too.

Would he take it at the age of 46? And would the SFA pay the kind of compensation required to get him out of Pittodrie?

Surely it’s up to Regan to find out…

Michael O’Neill

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The job O’Neill has done with a mediocre bunch of Northern Ireland players has been absolutely extraordinary, with the country on the brink of making their first World Cup since 1986.

He knows how to organise a defence to within an inch of its life, and he knows all about upsetting big teams – and he knows all about Scottish football, considering he lives in Edinburgh.

He might have a World Cup on the horizon but would he perhaps like a change of scenery and a new challenge afterwards? It’s definitely worth finding out.

Guus Hiddink

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Now, we know this might seem unlikely, but hear us out.

Hiddink, now 70, is one of the most experienced, distinguished and talented coaches in the European game – just imagine what some of our players would learn off a man like him, even if it was only for a single qualifying campaign.

The SFA might not pay the sort of wages a name like Hiddink would require, but surely they can incentivise any deal on the basis of us actually making a tournament?

You’re talking about a former Holland, Russia, Turkey and Australia manager – and don’t forget about taking South Korea to the semi-finals of a World Cup.

It might seem far-fetched, but who’d really be more experienced and better suited to steady the ship?

Brendan Rodgers

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Right, OK, we can hear you guffawing through the screen, and we accept there is a tiny, perhaps even minuscule chance of this actually happening.

But we felt compelled to include him in our list after the contribution he’s made to the Scottish national side in the last year or so – without even being involved in it.

He’s managed to develop a talented, energetic and creative Scottish core within his Hoops side which probably kept our World Cup dream alive longer than it should’ve been.

Imagine he was able to do the same with the rest of Scotland’s players? Even on a part-time basis?

What do you think of our list? Have we missed anybody out?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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