Video: Paul Merson Shares a Crazy Story From His Time Living with Paul Gascoigne

Video: Paul Merson Shares a Crazy Story From His Time Living with Paul Gascoigne

Paul Merson has shared a pretty unbelievable story from his time living with Paul Gascoigne, which is likely to make even the most hardened of drinkers wince.

It’s been very publicly documented that both ex-England midfielders struggled with alcoholism during their playing days, and perhaps, in retrospect, them both living together wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

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Appearing on this Thursday’s episode of Sky One’s A League of Their Own, Merson recounted one particular tale from their time as flatmates which makes you wonder how it was ever possible they played professional sport, never mind excelled at it.

We’ll let Merse do the honours:

Drinking wine by the jug (EVERYDAY!) is pretty bad in itself, but anybody whose used sleeping pills knows how dangerous it can be mixing them with alcohol.

And this is just one of the stories Merson is willing to tell publicly! God knows what he likes keeping quiet.

Imagine if their days as roomies had been filmed, eh? What a reality TV show that would’ve been.

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