Who Will Win the 2019 Champions League?

Who Will Win the 2019 Champions League?

It’s going to be the form of teams in the Champions League that will ultimately determine their chances of winning the title each season.

However, before the competition starts you will find that many odds compilers will have their own ideas as to which teams are much more likely than others to be crowned Champions League winners and as the season progresses they will constantly be updating the odds they make available.

With all of the above in mind, today I am going to be walking you through the list of teams that most fans of the sport and odds compilers currently believe have the very best chance of winning it.

According to’s soccer betting section, the current favourite to win is Manchester City, and you only have to take a look at their most recent form and the players in Pep Guardiola’s squad to realise why they are the current favourites.

Make no mistake about it though there are plenty of other teams that are in with an excellent chance of winning this season, and another one that is high up on the list of shortlists of teams to back are Barcelona, who today are the second favourite team to win the title.

Bayern Munich and Juventus Joint Third Favourites

It will always be the case that teams that have had a solid track record in Europe are going to be some of the most chosen teams by fans of the sport to win the Champions League.

As such it will probably not surprise you to learn that both Bayern Munich and Juventus are the current joint third favourites to head the Champions League at the end of the season and take the trophy home with them.

However, I would certainly not put you off selecting teams such as Real Madrid and Liverpool as potential winners of the trophy this season. In fact, from a betting point of view, they are both neck and neck on the betting markets as there is nothing separating them regarding the odds attached.

An often overlooked team in the Champions League is, of course, PSG and it would not surprise me if they were to play up to their very best form this season and ended up winning the title or at the very least go far.

Other Possible Winners of this Year’s Champions League

The thing to keep in mind if you are currently doing your research and trying to work out the chances of just which teams could end up winning is that an outsider to do so could suddenly find their very best form and start to win match after match.

With that in mind it could be worth studying the form of teams such as Atletico Madrid, for they certainly know how to play football at the very highest level and they do have a very talented team – there is no escaping that fact.

As a fan of football, you will no doubt have noticed that some teams have a solid track record for playing at a high level, however some of them do appear to have lost their way recently – and two teams that have certainly done that are Manchester United and Tottenham, and whilst they could win the Champions League their chances of doing so are much less than those other teams listed up above due to their poor recent form.

Complete Outsiders to Win the Champions League in 2019

Whilst it could be possible for one of the rank outsiders to win the Champions League in 2019, you have to keep in mind that each teams’ overall chances of winning diminish if they are devoid of luck and form.

As such it is going to be easy to dismiss teams such as Lyon, Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund as potential winners this season and it is highly unlikely that teams such as Roma, Napoli, Porto, Schalke, Hoffenheim or Valencia are going to go far either.

Some other teams that have virtually no chance of winning the title this year, for a myriad of valid reasons, include the likes of Galatasaray, Benfica, Ajax, Monaco and CSKA Moscow!

The odds available on any of the remaining teams that are playing and actively involved in the Champions League this year are huge, and therefore those odds do give you a good insight into whether they have any realistic chance of winning the title this year.

As the odds associated with PSV Eindhoven, Shakhtar Donetsk, Lokomotiv Moscow and Crvena Zvezda are huge, it would be a major surprise and some would say a complete miracle if any of those teams did go on to win the Champions League this year and it is a fairly safe bet that none of them will do so.

There are four other teams that I haven’t yet mentioned and those teams are AEK Athens, Viktoria Plzen, Club Brugge and also, of course, Young Boys, and I would eat my hat so to speak if any of them did manage to come out on top and be crowned the very top team in the Champions League this year.

However, football wouldn’t be football if there were not a few unexpected results throughout the season, and whilst it is possible for any outsider to win the occasional match, even when playing against some of the top ranked teams, I doubt any of them are going to continue to do so this season with consistency.


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