Fast Forward – USA to the Emirates, Texas to Glasgow – the Week Ahead

Fast Forward – USA to the Emirates, Texas to Glasgow – the Week Ahead

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Tonight, the American odyssey continues for Saturday the 16th of March in Texas brings the welterweight showdown between Errol Spence Jr and Mickey Garcia for the IBF title. Spence Jr is the bigger of the two and current thinking is that Garcia’s attempt at a fifth weight world title might just be lost in that battle to get bigger and achieve that weight. Garcia though is no fool and had taken on the fight fully in the knowledge that he is facing a tremendously able fighter in Spence but it could be a fight that ends swiftly or one that ends with controversy – I have a funny feeling it won’t end simply…

Also tonight in Oldham there is an English bantamweight title fight between Marc Leach and a man well known to Scottish fight fans, Thomas Essomba. We will certainly be keen to know the result but expect that Leach manages to win the title. There is also the second pro fight for Sebastian Eubank on the cards tonight too.

In Nottingham there is an intriguing English title fight between Ekow Essuman and the enigmatic Tyrone Nurse. We will also be very interested to see how Nurse does, given his promise and inability, almost Frankie Gavinesque, like to deliver.

We also have in Bedford 16 fights, in York Hall 13 fights, and in Houghton-le-Spring 10 fights.

Tomorrow night on Sunday the 17th of March in Bracknell we have an IBO intercontinental female lightweight title fight between Lucy Wildheart and Anissa Benyoub. Like many of the female fighters that are not well known these are names in my peripheral knowledge but not really in my knowledge base me. It is an area of the game that is really hotting up so this should be another that adds to the whole cannon of excitement…

In the Emirates Arena, Glasgow on Friday the 22nd of May we have a full card on offer that includes super featherweight Nathanial Collins, as well as further super featherweight action between Craig Morgan and Jose Aguilar. There will be no doubt that we expect there to be home wins for both fighters.

We also have super bantamweight action for debutant Jack Turner up against Elvis Guillen and again a home win fully expected.

Then comes another super bantamweight fight when Reece McFadden takes on Stefan Nicolae whilstsuper lightweight Callen McAuley is back but without an opponent at this time. McFadden and McAuley will be expected to make it 6 out of 6 for the home team.

We also super middleweight David Brophy with a new trainer and new super lightweight Lewis Benson returning against Zoltan Szabo. Benson and Brophy will not just want to win but win well. For Benson it has been a tough 2018 and Brophy has not fared much better. 2019 should be a bigger and better prospect for both.

We also have super welterweight Michael McGurk facing Konrad Stempkowski and McGurk should be progressing after this up the scale.

My interest is peaked with my old mate, bantamweight Scott Allen defending his Celtic title against Iain Butcher. This is a fantastic fight and I am always in Allen’s corner. He might not be great at finding ways of keeping his dog away from his wean but he certainly knows how to keep people away from his belt – I expect Allen will start to make some serious waves on Friday.

The top of the bill is the WBC international silver title fight between Kieran Smith and Adam Harper. Smith is heavily fancied by anyone lucky enough to see him fight. He has made a splash on Sky but that was not followed up quickly enough for the punters, so we now have a form of rebuild going on. Give the guy his due, that is about people realising what he is and not having to start way back down the scales. This should be another notch, a defended belt and another great showing from the young boxer.


Saturday 23rd March

Canada – super welterweight IBF female title action between Marie Eve Dicaire and Lina Tejada

Kenya – super bantamweight WBC female title action between Fatima Zarika and Catherine Phiri

Copper Box, London – Matchroom give us the debut of Shannon Courtenay, middleweight Jason Quigley, super lightweight return of Lewis Ritson against German Argentino Benitez, the Commonwealth and British cruiserweight fight between Lawrence Okolie and Wadi Camacho, the British light heavyweight title fight between Joshua Buatsi and Liam Conroy with the top of the bill being the WBC flyweight fight and first defence for Charlie Edwards v Angel Moreno

Leicester- Frank Warren clashes with the London bill with light heavyweight Tommy Fury in his second professional fight with Maksims Ogurcovs, the return of light heavyweight Willy Hutchinson, the WBO European super lightweight fight between Sam Maxwell and Kelvin Dotel, the heavyweight return of Nathan Gorman in the WBC international silver title fight with Fabio Maldonado and top of the bill, the British title action between Sam Bowen and Jordan McCrory.

Doncaster – 1 fight

Manchester – 2 fights

York Hall – 5 fights

Friday 29th March

Belfast – WBO European action between Conrad Cummings and Luke Keeler at middleweight

Birmingham – bantamweight Brett Fidoe is in Midlands area title action, in amongst another 8 fights

Dunstan – 6 fights

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