Steven Gerrard Says Scottish Football is ‘A Little Worse Than I Thought’

Steven Gerrard Says Scottish Football is ‘A Little Worse Than I Thought’

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has claimed the standard of Scottish football is a ‘little worse’ than he expected when he first took over the Ibrox side last summer.

Gerrard is close to completing his first full campaign as a senior manager, and has secured the Gers’ first second-place finish since returning to the top-flight under Mark Warburton in the 2016/17 season.

It hasn’t been plain-sailing for the Liverpool legend by any means, but Gerrard doesn’t seem to have been too impressed by the quality on show north of the border and has claimed the standard of the Scottish Premiership could be a lot better.

Moreover, Gerrard has questioned the overall manner of how Scottish football is packaged, saying via Football Scotland: “Certain games have been good.

“Some of the ones we’ve played in or that I’ve watched have been of a higher quality than I expected.

“But at times, I’ve been disappointed too watching certain games. The stadiums haven’t been full and when it comes to the standard, the ball has been in the air a lot.

“If I’m honest, it has been a little worse than I thought. So it has been mixed.

“Our games against Celtic and Aberdeen were so enjoyable because they’ve been fierce, quick, intense.

“That’s the level you want to see. And at times, the standard of individual players has been really top level too.

“I suppose it’s the same in every league, some games blow you away and others disappoint.

“I’m not criticising Scottish football but when stands are empty on TV, it doesn’t look great on the eye.

“But I know it’s tough to fill them. I wouldn’t have plastic pitches but that won’t surprise anyone. I’d also be more cute and clever with the camera angles at certain stadiums.

“If they’re putting games live on BT Sport or Sky they should change the camera positions so you see a full stand rather than an empty one.

“It’s a small thing but it comes up in conversation when you are chatting to players.

“I want Scottish football to be as good as it can be. I want a Scottish manager in charge of the national team and playing the right way. I want to back all of that. I’m employed by a Scottish club, I work with Scottish people, so I want your national team to be the best that it can be.

“That might be weird coming from an Englishman but I’m part of it now and I have a responsibility to help with that.

“I want the game up here to be better, to look better on the eye. And there are subtle things that can help that.

“You go live on BT Sport or Sky Sports around the world and have a camera on an empty stand.

“It’s ludicrous. I don’t get it, don’t understand it.

“We’ve played some very good games against lower teams who have made it really difficult for us and I like going to the traditional stadiums. I love it, in fact.

“But when I’m watching Sportscene, there’s nothing better than seeing a full stand, with fans enjoying themselves.

“It seems to be empty stands you see when the games are on TV.”

Is Gerrard right to criticise the current standard of the Scottish game? And if the standard is so poor, what does that say about his Rangers team, who will finish the season without a trophy?

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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