Explaining the Andrea Bertolacci Move to Celtic and Where it Started

Explaining the Andrea Bertolacci Move to Celtic and Where it Started

Andrea Bertolacci is the latest name to be linked with a move to Celtic this summer.

The Italian midfielder is a free agent after leaving AC Milan earlier this summer.

Bertolacci spent four years at Milan and can count Roma, Lecce and Genoa as his former clubs. He has five caps for Italy too.

The fact AC Milan spent โ‚ฌ20million to sign Bertolacci from Genoa in 2015 just adds to the suggestion he’s a top player that should excite Celtic fans.

But is there legs to this story? Here we break down where and went it all started:

Papers Cover It

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When one of Scotland’s newspapers cover a transfer story, it normally gets some attention – and this is no different. We’re not saying this is where the story started as The Daily Record only reported Celtic’s interest earlier today and there have been murmurs on Twitter about the Italian since at least Thursday.


The above tweet emerged from a Celtic fan. From what we can see, this is the first time Bertolacci and Celtic were mentioned together.

The Source

Per The Daily Record’s report, ‘and now, according to Calcio Buzz , Bertolacci is on the verge of a move to Scotland.’

So who is Calcio Buzz? We’ll admit we’ve never heard of this particular Italian publication, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t reputable. According to yesterday, Bertolacci would sign for Celtic within the next few hours. So far, no signing. They also report that, ‘according to Scottish journalists’, Celtic are one step away from Bertolacci. At the time of writing we can’t find any reputable Scottish reporter who has mentioned the Italian midfielder. To give you an idea of Calcio Buzz’s other reports, they’ve mentioned moves like Neymar to Juventus, Freddy Guarin to Genoa and Edinson Cavani to Inter Milan – all moves that haven’t happened and don’t like happening at this moment.


As is the norm with any name mentioned alongside Celtic, it soon hits Twitter and moves its way through social media and forums. If you look at some of the below tweets, it’s easy to see why Celtic fans may believe Bertolacci is a serious target:


Based on all of the above, you’d have to say that Bertolacci to Celtic looks unrealistic. There isn’t enough concrete information in any of the above to suggest it’s really happening. However..

@CMcCeltic on Twitter has been a fairly trusted source for transfer information coming out of Celtic and he’s ran with the Bertolacci transfer story:

So maybe there are legs to it after all?

More information should emerge over the coming days on Bertolacci, but you can make your own mind up on whether it’s something you want to believe or not.

Our verdict would be to proceed with caution. Celtic were linked with Ecuadorian Sergio Quintero last week and that was reported by almost everyone – including us – before being smashed by Neil Lennon, who confirmed he’d never heard of the player.

Update: After All That..

We get this update via Twitter:

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