Why CDL Action Could Be The Next Big Thing You Watch

Why CDL Action Could Be The Next Big Thing You Watch

In case you didn’t notice, Call of Duty launched the CDL earlier this year in their latest big step into esports.

The global video game franchise is one of the most successful in gaming history and continues to be played by millions every day.

Their latest release ‘Warzone’ has seen 50 million players take to Verdansk and is set to be one of their most popular game modes ever.

You all probably know about the campaign or multiplayer online options that have made Call of Duty what it is.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if you were unaware of the CDL – the Call of Duty League – which owner Activision launched in January.

It sees 12 franchise teams go up against each other in monthly events set in different areas of the world.

And with Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, London, Los Angeles, Toronto and Paris all boasting teams, it’s safe to say the CDL has no shortage of worldwide appeal.

Per, Activision auctioned off franchise spots in the CDL for $25million each – a clear indication that they they see their competitive gaming option as forming a big part of what they do with Call of Duty moving forward.

And they rightly should.

The esports economy is expected to grow beyond $1.4billion this year and gaming franchises are clamouring to make sure they play a big part in that.

That’s why you see EA Sports making a big push with FIFA, Epic Games continue to drive competitive Fortnite – and now Activision integrate CDL action into almost everything they do.

The next CDL series is expected to kick off in Chicago on April 24th and all of the big hitters will be present for that.

And if it isn’t clear enough that competitive esports is winging its way to the mainstream, the fact you can back a winner with esports betting should do it.

Call of Duty have even taken the step to introduce CDL rule game modes for the every day online gamer, meaning you can play as the professionals do – and this should give anyone an insight into what it takes to play at the highest level.

The CDL comprises 12 teams at the moment, but the 2020 season will no doubt have plenty of watching eyes.

As yet, there are only two European representatives in Paris and London, with the rest being made up by North America.

So you can expect those cities in Europe, Asia and South America who aren’t represented to be next on the CDL’s list for expansion.

It might not be the NFL, NBA or Premier League yet, but esports is stronger than its ever been and a smash hit franchise like Call of Duty recognising that should send out a message.

Esports is big – and it’s here to stay!


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