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VIDEO: Welligton Grabs Lionel Messi By The Throat After Barca Star Calls Him A ‘Motherf*****’

Welligton shocked the world last night after grabbing Lionel Messi in an off-ball incident during Malaga‘s 0-0 draw with Barcelona. On a night where Messi was ineffectual due to the impressive tactics of Los Boquerones, it was surprising to see the superstar involved in the clash given his placid approach on the pitch: According to Welligton…

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Amazingly, This Wild Tackle From Real Madrid’s Pepe Wasn’t Called As A Foul

Real Madrid defender Pepe‘s wild days certainly aren’t behind him it seems. During his side’s 1-0 win over Malaga at the weekend, the Portugal defender caught opposing midfielder Duda with a horror challenge. And it didn’t even get a booking: That could have been a leg breaker had Duda not slowed down as he got…

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