Why You Should Work With Us

talkingbaws has been the place to be since launching in 2012. With a dynamic combination of quality writers and quality content, we’re fast becoming one of the must read sports news and features websites in the UK…

How We Work

We work with brands to create original, custom content

We find the right audience to grow your brand across all of our platforms

You sit back and watch your brand grow alongside talkingbaws

But Why Choose Us?

With over 1.5million page views per month, talkingbaws is aiming to become one of the most popular sports websites in the world. We have a strong social media following with almost 2million impressions across all of our channels. Significantly, over 75% of our traffic comes from mobile or tablet – showing we’re well-placed to move with the shift from desktops to mobile and readers more interested than ever to get their sport fix on the move.

We have a passionate team from our editors down to our contributors and work around-the-clock to deliver quality stories to fit with our simple and shareable style. Readers are consuming our content via written articles, pictures, video and audio with sports lovers consistently found to be coming back for more after their first visit.

Advertisers can reach the right people based on device, location, time and more with the aim of readers developing into loyal customers for your brand. We strike the right blend between bringing quality content to readers and relating your brand to that.

Who Have We Worked With Already?

We count adidas, Nike, New Balance, Warrior, Ladbrokes, Snack Media, Sports Interactive, Campo Retro, Paddy Power and Hungry House among our past and current partnerships. We’ve worked together to create quality campaigns driven towards increased brand growth and awareness.

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For advertising enquiries, please email¬†[email protected].