Australian Striker Claims John Terry Told Him He’d Break His Legs If He Nutmegged Him Again

Australian Striker Claims John Terry Told Him He’d Break His Legs If He Nutmegged Him Again

Sydney FC striker Corey Gameiro claims that John Terry threatened to break his legs if he nutmegged the Chelsea skipper again during a reserves game with Fulham two years ago.

Terry was making his return from injury for the reserves when he faced up against the 20-year-old Australian forward.

And was left embarrassed after the former Fulham youngster nutmegged him.

According to Gameiro, talking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Terry hauled him down seconds later and said: ”When he helped me up he said ‘do that again you little shit and I’ll break your legs’. So I sort of sat there on the floor thinking I needed to get off the field.

”It was his first game back from his injury, we were playing at Chelsea’s training facility. He started, he came off at half time.

“The ball came into my feet and I looked over my shoulder and I saw him coming tight up behind me so I let the ball run through my legs to turn and beat him at a foot race and it just so happened that it went through his legs as well with a bit of luck.

“So it was a bit of a foot race between me and him and I was going to beat him so he took me down.”

Luckily, Terry didn’t follow-up on the threat and the pair had a laugh about it.

Gameiro said: ”After the game I got a photo with him and he was laughing about it.

”[I wasn’t laughing about it] at the time, he was a nice guy off the pitch, but he didn’t like that for his first game back. I just looked to the bench and thought, ‘You’ve got to take me off before Terry will do me in.’ ”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald



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