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Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson Could Be Re-Arrested For Smoking Pot

Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson Could Be Re-Arrested For Smoking Pot

So unless you live under a rock you know that Minnesota Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson has been in the news lately due to allegations of child abuse and using his charity’s credit card to buy some hookers.

The superstar just doesn’t have too much going for him at the moment. He’s currently out on bail, but Texas prosecution wants him rearrested after admitting he’s been dabbling with the reefer on the way to a drug test.

Weed is on the fast track to universal legality in the States but good ol’ AP is not exactly in a position to be tokin’ bowls.

The guy’s in what you might call a LOT of hot water, and while he may be feeling a little stressed, if he wants to get a little ripped to calm down and forget about his current tumultuous situation, he maybe should keep it on the DL.

He’s displayed yet another vice, and Vikings fans everywhere are wetting themselves as this is the only one that would slow him down.

That “but it’s from the Earth mannn, alcohol’s worse…” rhetoric might fit the bill of a washed up hippie from Berkeley, but a running back in the National Football League on bail for child abuse and charity hookers might want to stray from the lighter and put the pipe down.

Just a thought.


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