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NHL 2014 Preview: Complete NHL Recap

NHL 2014 Preview: Complete NHL Recap

The NHL season has kicked off! FINALLY! But wait, are you ready? Have you read extensive previews? What about perfect predictions? What about mind-blowing observations that will make you the smartest guy at the water cooler or the call-in show?

Behold! The 2014 total NHL Preview! Everything is perfect. Don’t believe? Then go read every article and see for yourself!

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

Enjoy all my hard work!

NHL 2014 Preview: Metropolitan Division Off-season Report Card
Who’s going to make the playoffs? Who improved? Will the Penguins be actually good? Can the Isles or Devils return to the playoffs? Can the Rangers repeat their surprise run to the Stanley Cup Finals? Will Columbus or Philadelphia hold onto their playoff spots? Will the ‘Canes become relevant?

NHL 2014 Preview: Atlantic Division Off-season Report Card
Can the Leafs or Senators return to the playoffs? Are the Bruins still top dog or will the Lightning take over? Can the Red Wings continue their playoff streak? Will Buffalo or Florida outsuck the rest of the NHL again? Can the Canadiens build off their deep playoff run?

NHL 2014 Preview: Central Division Off-season Report Card
Have the Blues done enough to overcome the Blackhawks? Are the Stars for real this season? Can the Wild hold it together? Were the Avalanche smoke and mirrors? Will the new-look Predators take a playoff spot? Just how bad are the Jets going to be?

NHL 2014 Preview: Pacific Division Off-season Report Card
Can the Kings do it again? Will the Ducks be able to overcome a roster overhaul? Was last season an aberration or the real Canucks? Which Albertan team will be better? Will the Sharks identity crisis make them better or worse?

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 5 Players to be Traded
Who’s days are numbered where they are? Trade requests? Expendable? Are they worth trading for or are they overrated products of their systems?

You also get to read me totally whiff on Bobby Ryan.

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 5 Players Ready for Breakout Seasons
What players are set to break out? Who will have a star making season? Who is coming up on make or break territory? What is missing from a few players chances to become that star?

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 5 Players to Take a Step Back
What breakout players aren’t likely to repeat their terrific seasons? How hard will they fall back to earth? Why was last season all smoke and mirrors?

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 5 “Change of Scenery” Players
Which players are going to benefit the most in a new city? Which new signings are going to prove their worth and rebound? Which trades are going pay off? What players are going to make their managers look savvy?

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 5 Bounce Back Players
Take a quick look at players coming off bad years that should be primed to come back and have good years. While the title says 5, I actually include 8! That’s 8 for the price of 5. How can you not read it now?

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 6 Stupid Myths in Hockey
The NHL is full of myths. What are these dumb myths? This highly intelligent article will educate you and expand your brain thinking abilities in the realm of hockey so you won’t fall for shenanigans and silliness anymore!

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 7 New Signings Under Pressure
bust contracts
Which players are under the most pressure? Who holds the most potential to bust and be an expensive waste of space? What hope do these players have? What was the general manager thinking?

NHL 2014 Preview: Top 10 Absolute Worst Contracts
worst contracts
Which players hold the 10 worst contracts in the league? A better question… what teams were dumb and gave out the 10 worst contracts in the NHL? Just how bad are they? Is there any hope for these teams/players/fans at all?

NHL 2014 Preview: Made Up Summer Awards
What teams are the winners of my completely fictional awards? Who is improved? Who is bad? Which teams are on hallucinogenic narcotics? Who looks the best? Who looks the worst?

NHL 2014 Preview: Preseason Awards Predictions
Who is gonna get which piece of hardware? Who will score the most? Be the best defenceman? Stop pucks the best? Use the best coaching voodoo? Which team will be the absolute best and give fans eternal bragging rights?

I loved writing these! I hope you enjoy them too!

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