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Daniel And Henrik Sedin Are Not Weird; They Are Just Twins

Daniel And Henrik Sedin Are Not Weird; They Are Just Twins

The Sedin twins, Daniel and Henrik, are not weird. Yeah, they are kinda strange with how crazy in sync they always are. Yeah, they are foreign and bring some of that European flair with them. But they are not weird. Unfortunately, their “weirdness” has been a hot topic lately due to some less than mature comments made by Dallas Stars players Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin on a Dallas radio show.

Once again, the Sedin twins are in the news for something unrelated to hockey. For most players, when this kind of thing happens it is because of off-ice issues involving discipline, legal trouble, partying, and other standard pro-athlete concerns. With the Sedin’s however, it is completely the opposite. They seem to consistently be the targets of off-ice criticism for being identical twins.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

I’m not going to get all psychology 101 and fancy big school words here.

What people fail to understand is that these players are not just two guys that share a nationality, or good friends that grew up together, or siblings. They are identical twins. Any kind of journal will tell you that it is different from any other interpersonal relationship you can possibly have. That just makes them different and entirely unique.

That uniqueness is what seems to… confuse people. For whatever reason, people use that trait to mock the two players. Much like the two radio hosts of the Dallas show which has started this latest kerfuffle.

The hosts defended the segment by saying it was “no big deal” but then they pulled in the interview with the Stars’ forwards and have posted a much more edited version. Not often does something that is not a big deal lead to that.

When you listen to the original clip, it was the hosts pushing the segment towards something that both Benn and Seguin sounded uncomfortable with. In fact, the comment more or less seemed like the players were trying to give the radio hosts something instead of leaving them out to dry. Neither Benn or Seguin bit as hard as the hosts wanted.

For what it is worth, Jamie Benn apologized for the incident and so have the Dallas Stars. But at the same time, you cannot really get yourself into implying homosexual incest regardless of that. Let the hosts be as dumb as you want, but when you are a professional athlete you have to be smarter than to let yourself be goaded into such a corner.

Everyone in the NHL, whether you are a fan or a player, clamours over the Detroit Red Wings and how their players “play the right way” and are the ideal for what NHL players should be. When it comes to the Sedin’s, they are the two most non-Detroit Detroit players in the NHL. They basically are the ideal of the humble, respectful, hard-working and selfless athlete. For fans, players and media to put such stock in how “classy” a player is, and then to have those same groups of people turn around and mock the Sedin’s is absurd.

Henrik and Daniel are two of the most talented players in the entire league. When they retire it is going to be a sad day. Few players in the NHL have that other-worldly sort of skill to make gorgeous no look tic-tac-toe players that just leave you in awe.

[youtube id=”zXRZSMkAKcA” align=”center” maxwidth=”640″]

The bigger issue at hand here is really just the nature and acceptance/tolerance level in pro sports, which has long been thought of as a rather neanderthal-ish when it comes to changing with society. While I think the sports world is making a stride and at least saying the right things, along with the You Can Play project, it still lags behind the rest of society as a whole.

Then again, I do not care what two people “do together” as long as they can win my team some games.

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