Ex-Arsenal Striker Confused By ‘Lord Bendtner’ Nickname

Ex-Arsenal Striker Confused By ‘Lord Bendtner’ Nickname

Former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has spoke out for the first time about his ‘Lord Bendtner’ nickname.

He claims people’s opinions of him differ from place to place, but one thing is for sure ‘Lord Bendtner’ certainly has a high judgement of himself!

When speaking to German newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, the giant Dane stated he wasn’t sure of the nickname’s origin or it’s motives:

“The problem with this is that I do not know where it comes from and understand if it is funny”, said Bendtner.

“Am I being ridiculed? Is it serious?”

“I think it is a phenomenon of the youth on social media. They think that sounds good”.

“I am not sure what my image is. It’s different for different people, I believe.”My mother always told me that I am person who polarises,”

“There is this saying in Denmark: ‘You are someone who divides the sea.’ “I meet people, who think that I am the greatest person in the world, and I also meet others who want to throw bottles at me.”

Bendtner left Arsenal to join Wolfsburg in the summer and has since only scored three times in 15 appearances.

All Hail Lord Bendtner!


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