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NFL Combine 2015 Showed Draft Class Has No Stand-Out Pick.. But Loads of Question Marks

NFL Combine 2015 Showed Draft Class Has No Stand-Out Pick.. But Loads of Question Marks

The crop of players which make up this year’s Draft class is stocked with talent, meaning there is value to be had in the later sounds.

However, this year’s class lacks that one obvious superstar, who transcends the hyperbole in the build up to be selected atop the Draft.

Rather this group is full of question marks.

By Stephen Rhoden Jr – Lead NFL Writer – @SRhodenJr

In this year’s draft there is no Andrew Luck-type standout number one QB or Jadeveon Clowney-like ‘can’t miss’ pass rusher – instead the teams have a vast group of potential NFL talent to select from.

Over the weekend 355 players from a potential group of thousands were invited to the home of the Indianapolis Colts to take part in the annual NFL Scouting Combine. This event allows everybody from the teams to get a good look at all these prospects up close and personal. It sees the top prospects dressed in super-fly Under Armour gear performing a cross between football and Olympic drills to test their athleticism on the field. Coaches and scouts are also given a chance to grill the players in one-to-one interview sessions, where they can and will be quizzed on anything and everything from football smarts to character issues.

[youtube id=”PM0_OZQqiCw” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

Over the course of the next 10 weeks leading up to Round 1 of the Draft on April 30th we will take a deeper look at the prospects on show. And try to tackle some of the questions that will continually be asked until the Commisioner steps on stage in Chicago to tell us who the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected with the first overall pick.

Who’s the better QB – Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota?

Will we get at running back taken in the 1st round? (Or maybe even second)

Who is the best receiver in a super talented group?

Where is all the offensive lineman?

And those questions are all just on the offensive side of the ball. On the defensive side we have a plethora of pass rushers who are ripe for the picking and one of this year’s more intriguing players in Shaq Thomson. A do-it-all college standout who wants to play at outside linebacker but scouts and coaches project as a running back on account of his freakish athleticism and ability to make good things happen when the ball is in his hands.

[youtube id=”ykUlVn8fSTo” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

So for what the Class of 2015 lack in star power they more than make up for in all round quality. It is a Draft that is certain to be very fluid. And between now and the start of the show the Draft boards of teams could see some change at the top based on Combine and Pro Day displays.

At the moment the only thing we know for sure is that the quarterback-needy Tampa Buccaneers are currently on the clock and are looking for someone to fall in love with.

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