Talking Baws Wrestlmania XXXI Writer’s Predictions

Talking Baws Wrestlmania XXXI Writer’s Predictions

Tonight is Wrestlemania, for wrestling fans this is our Champions league final, our Heineken Cup, our Super Bowl. 

Tonight the WWE Superstars will put in their maximum effort to entertain the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home, of course we all know how wresting works, the results are pre-determined, so us Talking Baws WWE writers have decided to use our knowledge to use and try to predict the results of each match. 

Two matches will take place on tonights pre show, one of these matches is the fatal four way tag team match for the tag team titles. Champions Kidd and Cesaro will defend their titles against Jimmy and Jey the UsosKofi Kingston and Big E of the New Day, and Los Matadores. Who have the talking baws writers predicted to win this match? 

Ross Brady- Kidd and Cesaro 
Ryan Flynn- Kidd and Cesaro 
Stuart Hynd– Kidd and Cesaro 
Kyran Wallace- The Usos 
Adam Pyde– Kidd and Cesaro 
Kevin O’Donnell – Kidd and Cesaro 
Overall Talking Baws prediction- Kidd and Cesaro


The second match of the pre-show is the second annual Andre The Giant memorial battle royal match. This is who the talking baws writers predicts to win. 

Ross Brady- Sheamus
Ryan Flynn- Ryback
Stuart Hynd– Mizdow 
Kyran Wallace- Ryback 
Adam Pyde– Ryback 
Kevin O’Donnell- Ryback 
Overall Talking Baws prediction- Ryback 

One of the most eagerly anticipated matches on the card is the ladder match for the intercontinental championship, there may be some bad news for Barrett as the odds aren’t in his favour to defend the title. This is how we at talking baws predict the match to go. 

Ross Brady- Dean Ambrose 
Ryan Flynn- Dean Ambrose
Stuart Hynd– Daniel Bryan
Kyran Wallace- Daniel Bryan 
Adam Pyde– Dean Ambrose 
Kevin O’Donnell- Daniel Bryan
Overall Talking Baws Prediction- Split between Ambrose and Bryan 

The tag team match between the two ‘Anti Divas’ AjLee and Paige and the two Total Divas, The Bella twins, promises to be great, two great diva wrestlers, versus probably two of the most improved over the last year. Who will win this bout? This is how talking baws thinks it will go. 

Ross Brady- AJ Lee and Paige
Ryan Flynn- AJ Lee and Paige 
Stuart Hynd– The Bella Twins 
Kyran Wallace- The Bella Twins 
Adam Pyde– AJ Lee and Paige
Kevin O’Donnell- AJ Lee and Paige
Overall Talking Baws Prediction- AJ Lee and Paige


After last year’s shock defeat, many didn’t think The Undertaker would step into a WWE ring again, but they would be proved wrong, as tonight The Undertaker will go one on one with “The New Face of Fear” Bray Wyatt, who will walk out victorious? 

Ross Brady- The Undertaker
Ryan Flynn- The Undertaker
Stuart Hynd– The Undertaker
Kyran Wallace- Bray Wyatt
Adam Pyde– The Undertaker 
Kevin O’Donnell- The Undertaker
Overall Talking Baws Prediction- The Undertaker 


One bout that has everyone talking is Stings first ever WWE match. Sting will take on the king of kings, Triple H in a much anticipated match. Who will have their arm raised at the end of this match? 

Ross Brady- Sting
Ryan Flynn- Triple H
Stuart Hynd– Sting
Kyran Wallace- Triple H
Adam Pyde– Sting
Kevin O’Donnell- Sting
Overall Talking Baws Prediction- Sting 

A match that could well steal the show tonight is Mr Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins versus The Viper Randy Orton. The two former authority members will go toe to toe for the first time since their altercation on Raw in November, which lead to the post match incident that saw Orton wrote of TV for months. So who do we at talking baws think will win this one? 

Ross Brady- Randy Orton
Ryan Flynn- Seth Rollins 
Stuart Hynd– Randy Orton 
Kyran Wallace- Seth Rollins
Adam Pyde– Seth Rollins
Kevin O’Donnell- Seth Rollins
Overall Talking Baws Prediction- Seth Rollins 

Since his debut Rusev hasn’t been pinned or tapped out. He and his mouthpiece Lana have slandered the name of the United States on countless occasions, which is ironic as Rusevis the current United States Champion. His opponent tonight though will provide a tough test, the 15 time champion John Cena already failed to beat Rusev once, can he do it tonight? Let’s see how the talking baws writers think the match will go.

Ross Brady- John Cena
Ryan Flynn- John Cena 
Stuart Hynd– John Cena
Kyran Wallace- Rusev
Adam Pyde– Rusev
Kevin O’Donnell- John Cena
Overall Talking Baws Prediction- John Cena becomes the new United States Champion 

Tonight’s main event will see the reigning defending Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champions of the World, Brock Lesnar, take on the number one contender Roman Reigns, for the title. For a while it seemed straight forward, Brock would lose and leave the WWE, but since he said he’s resigning, we can’t be so sure. A difficult match to predict, but let’s see who the Talking Baws writers have picked. 

Ross Brady- Roman Reigns
Ryan Flynn- Brock Lesnar
Stuart Hynd– Roman Reigns 
Kyran Wallace- Brock Lesnar 
Adam Pyde– Roman Reigns

Kevin O’Donnell- Roman Reigns Overall Talking Baws Prediction- Roman Reigns will become the new WWE Champion. 

That’s how we predict the matches to go tonight, tweet us your prediction to @talkingbawsWWE. From all at Talking Baws we hope you enjoy tonight’s event.


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