Winston Before Mariota, Cooper Ahead of White? Mattis Holt’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Winston Before Mariota, Cooper Ahead of White? Mattis Holt’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft

I’ve been working on my mock draft all season, watching the different players in their last college season, and have been mocking since the Super Bowl.

Some players are pretty easy to place – others are almost impossible to find a spot for.

After a lot of moving, cutting, rumors and tape watching I’ve found my final prediction for the 2015 NFL draft.

By Mattis Holt – Lead NFL Writer – @MatrixHolt

1 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jameis Winston, Quarterback

My top rated quarterback is Marcus Mariota, but Tampa won’t take the chance on Mariota with the 1st overall pick. Jameis Winston is a solid pocket passer, and has what it takes to be an NFL quarterback.

2 – Tennessee Titans select Leonard Williams, Defensive end

The Titans will think about Mariota, but I think they’re happy with Zack Mettenberger under center. Williams is such a versatile defensive player, much like JJ Watt.

3 – Jacksonville Jaguars select Dante Fowler jr., Outside linebacker

I got a feeling that Dante Fowler will be one of the biggest booms from this year’s draft. Excellent edge rusher with a quickness and toughness that should have offensive tackles open their eyes.

4 – Oakland Raiders select Amari Cooper, Wide receiver

I know a lot of people say Kevin White is the better player, but I don’t see that. Cooper can do more than White, and is exactly what Oakland are looking for. Will give Derek Carr a weapon with breakout speed and great ball instinct. He will go before White…

5 – Washington Redskins select Kevin White, Wide receiver

… but it doesn’t take long before the next best thing at receiver goes off the board. White has size and speed, and is exactly what the Redskins are missing from Garcon and Jackson.

6 – New York Jets select Marcus Mariota, Quarterback

They can’t say no to Mariota at this point. The versatile Hawaiian is a perfect fit for a Jets team desperate for a guy who can take over Geno Smith’s job.

7 – Chicago Bears select Vic Beasley, Outside linebacker

The edge rusher class in this year’s draft is incredible because Beasley could easily be a first overall pick. I can’t see him fall longer than the Bears, who really need something else in their defense.

8 – Atlanta Falcons select Shane Ray, Defensive end

Another pass rusher flies off the board. ‘Sting Ray’ is, in my eyes, the best defensive end and a nightmare for quarterbacks (Leonard Williams better because he can play defensive tackle as well). *Note this was published before Ray was pulled over by police and given a warning for speeding and possession of marijuana.

9 – New York Giants select Brandon Scherff, Offensive guard

Scherff is the best guard in the draft, and, in my view, also the best offensive lineman. The Giants cannot take another player at this point.

10 – St. Louis Rams select Alvin Dupree, Defensive end

Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree is a mystery to me. Great athlete – but inconsistent. He can make an incredible play, and then be invisible for the next ten. From what I hear the Rams should pick him up here.

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