Kubiak Got Balls and Redskins Believe in RGIII.. What We Learned From NFL Draft Day One

Kubiak Got Balls and Redskins Believe in RGIII.. What We Learned From NFL Draft Day One

That’s it! The teams have made their top picks (except Bills and Seahawks who pick in the 2nd round) at this year’s NFL Draft.

The first overall player was indeed Jameis Winston, as I predicted in my mock draft. Marcus Mariota was picked 2nd by the Tennessee Titans, followed by Dante Fowler Jr. to the Jaguars and Amari Cooper to the Raiders. Then the Redskins shocked the NFL taking Brandon Scherff 5th overall. That’s three out of five for me.

Here are the main things we learned from the 1st round of the Draft:

By Mattis Holt – Lead NFL Writer – @MatrixHolt

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The Redskins believe in RGIII

No Leonard Williams. Arguably the biggest talent in the Draft was not drafted in the top five, that was a shocker. When the New York Jets were on the clock, they had to jump on the former USC player. I can understand why the first four didn’t pick Williams, but Redskins’ Scherff pick is hard to get. It means that they believe Robert Griffin III can get back to his best with a new solid lineman in front of him.

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Tennessee try to be a high scoring team

As a Texans fan I was hoping they would pass on Mariota, but they did pick my top ranked QB. Zach Mettenberger had his time in the spotlight, now it’s time to give up that spot to Mariota. He will make the Titans a better team instantly, and it was the right choice to try to catch up with the Colts and Andrew Luck. Now they need a wide receiver in the 2nd round.

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The Rams goes all in on Todd Gurley

Even though St. Louis got a great running back in Tre Mason last year, they used their 10th overall on the injured Todd Gurley. Risky, to put it mildly. But with a healthy Gurley they can really start chasing down Seattle Seahawks.

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No crazy picks by the Browns

Cleveland Browns shook the Draft board last year, but last night they stayed put at 12 and 19. They picked the big and joyful nose tackle Danny Shelton first, and got the most versitile O-lineman Cam Erving second. A good first round by Cleveland.

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Receivers will fly off the board

Last year’s crazy wide receiver draft class made this year’s class even more attractive, and that made six wide outs go in the first round. I think every pick was good value, except the Phillip Dorsett pick by Indy. He should be a 2nd rounder. I expect more wide receivers to fly off the board tonight.

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Gary Kubiak got balls

Late in the Draft we got to see a mildly shocking trade. Gary Kubiak’s Denver Broncos chose to trade up to 23 to pick the controversial defensive end Shane Ray. Ray was earlier this week warned by the police after speeding and being in possesion of pot. And the ironic thing is: Marijuana is legal in Denver.

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Landon Collins was not THE safety

Many believed Collins was the only safety worth looking at for the 1st round. Well, he was not picked Thursday night. A safety that was picked was Damarious Randall from ASU. It seems teams know something about Collins that we don’t.

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The Panthers pass rushers are now dangerous

Possibly my favourite player in the entire Draft, Shaq Thompson was not expected to get picked in the 1st round. But he was. The Panthers took the versitile pass rusher 25th overall, and pairing up with Luke Kuechly they will make a dangerous pair.

The second round in the NFL draft starts Friday night, 7 pm eastern time.

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