Chelsea’s 33 Loan Players Are in a WhatsApp Group Together, Patrick Bamford Reveals

Chelsea’s 33 Loan Players Are in a WhatsApp Group Together, Patrick Bamford Reveals

Chelsea’s season went from disastrous to, well, even more disastrous yesterday when they crashed to a 1-0 defeat at Stoke City, their seventh Premier League defeat in just 12 games this season.

And, as has been well documented, the Stamford Bridge club have more players out on loan than any other Premier League side, and almost any other team in Europe (Only Juventus have more players out on loan in the 2015/16 season).

The Blues have an amazing 33 players all out on loan, gaining first-team experience at so-called lesser clubs, one of which is young English forward Patrick Bamford.

Bamford was last season’s Championship Player of the Season, tearing up the division whilst playing up-front and scoring freely for Middlesbrough, but has enjoyed less success this season at Crystal Palace.

And the frustrated striker has revealed that he and his fellow loanees all share their thoughts on the goings on at their parent club in one big WhatsApp chat.

He told the Evening Standard:

We’ve actually got a Chelsea loan WhatsApp group.

“The loan department set it up. Sometimes it drains your battery when everyone is messaging eachother.

“If someone does something special at the weekend, one of the computer technology guys from the loan department will send it all out after the weekend.”

The man who is yet to receive a league start at Palace this season also added: “We have a psychologist at Chelsea who goes around seeing the loan players.

And he said every top player has a dark side to them. So, someone like Diego Costa, sometimes he oversteps the mark. You can see he plays on the edge.

“He said I had to develop that. It’s not natural for me to be like that – some players might lash out but for me it’s probably more talking to opponents. There are different ways [to do it]. You can get angry but it’s about controlling that aggression.”

Bamford will be hoping for something to chat about in his WhatsApp group on Sunday night by playing a few minutes for Alan Pardew’s men as they travel to Jurgen Klopp’s in-form Liverpool side.


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