Rangers Fans Criticise Josh Windass For Harsh Response to Fan Asking For Shirt

Rangers Fans Criticise Josh Windass For Harsh Response to Fan Asking For Shirt

Some Rangers fans aren’t happy with Josh Windass after his harsh reply to a fan looking for his shirt.

The Gers midfielder held a Q&A on Twitter last night, where he answered a number of questions, ranging from his favourite Rangers goal to his opinion on Martyn Waghorn’s hair.

There was also this funny response about what he would be if he wasn’t a football player:

Windass will be in Germany on Sunday for Rangers’ friendly against Bundesliga side Red Bull Leipzig and a sizeable travelling support is expected.

One supporter who is making the trip wanted to know what were the chances of getting Windass’ strip at full-time.

But the midfielder’s response was straight to the point:

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And some fans weren’t happy about it either:

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Plenty aren’t happy that the request was shot down so harshly, while some others have stuck up for Windass.

Even his dad Dean – who played for a host of clubs, including Aberdeen, in his career – has been brought into it all, defending his son and insisting Josh would give his shirt away if he could:

To be fair to Windass, he simply answers ‘none’ and no one knows what the exact reason for that was – it could be out of his hands.

Rangers – what’s your view? Was Windass out of order or has this been blown out of proportion?

Let us know in the comments below..


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