Video: Watch Brandon Marshall’s Outrageous Catch in Giants Training Camp

Video: Watch Brandon Marshall’s Outrageous Catch in Giants Training Camp

The New York Giants signed Brandon Marshall to ease some of the pressure on star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 

And the former Jets man could do exactly that this season, at least that’s if this footage from Giants’ training camp is anything to go by.

The Giants were one of last season’s surprise packages, as their defence came of age to become one of the strongest in their division.

However, with most team’s making it their number one priority to stop Beckham from playing his natural game and racking up yards, Eli Manning struggled to get his offence going.

That could soon be a thing of the past though, as veteran Marshall decided to change dressing rooms at the MetLife Stadium and offer the Giants another potent deep threat.

Beware, NFL defences, Marshall’s gonna get ya:



Whether Marshall still has the legs to prove himself as an adequate side-kick to Beckham remains to be seen.

But the upsides certainly outweigh the risk in signing a player who’s already spent 11 years honing his skills in the league.

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