Cavs Can Forget All About Back-to-Back Losses to Prove Themselves Against Warriors

Cavs Can Forget All About Back-to-Back Losses to Prove Themselves Against Warriors

It would appear there’s somewhat of a crisis going on at the Cleveland Cavaliers right now.

In case you didn’t notice, they were blown out 133-99 by the Toronto Raptors last night in a result which followed shortly after a 127-99 defeat to the Portland Timberwolves.

For the Cavs – and just as significantly LeBron James – it’s a time for reflection as they look to be involved come the playoffs and continue their push for a fourth straight NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

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Cleveland can go some way to showing their season is still intact by beating the Indiana Pacers tonight.

But all the attention should be on their clash with Golden State on Tuesday – and you can get Cavs v Warriors betting odds here.

For that’s the benchmark for LeBron and the Cavaliers. Sure, they need to do enough to win the Eastern, but it’s Golden State who will most likely stand between them and the championship.

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So a strong performance and result against Steph Curry and co on Tuesday can remind everyone that LeBron and the Cavs are here to play.

The Warriors are the team to beat, based on this season and previous campaigns. They’ve been to the last three NBA Finals after all, winning two of those to become one of the best teams in basketball.

But Tuesday is the game to see and the result of that can lay down a marker for when it gets down to the important stuff come April.


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