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Is Madden 19 Good and is it Easy Enough to Play Straight Away?

Is Madden 19 Good and is it Easy Enough to Play Straight Away?

The quick answer is: Yes!

I’m a Madden player and have been since around 2012 when Madden 13 was out. A lot has happened since then – most notably about 1000 heavy beatings.

But it’s been enjoyable from the start and has been enjoyable ever since.

I write that because the question I’m asked most when I say I play Madden is: Is it not too difficult?

Most people I speak to are FIFA players and most have no interest in Madden at all. But while American Football is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, it seems the EA Sports game attached to the NFL is still playing catch up.

So there’s still some selling to do – and I suppose this is what this review is.

I have to apologise for how late the review is too. I could give a good excuse, but I won’t – other stuff just gets in the way of my gaming.

However, today was the day I stuck Madden on for the first time after a big download and install on my PS4.

And I immediately got wired into an online head to head with my beloved Denver Broncos.

I last played Madden 18 almost a year ago so I came into this game very rusty. Sure, this isn’t how first-time players will approach it.

But I was re-learning a lot and that showed in my performance. The Miami Dolphins should have been easy enough for my Broncos, but I made it difficult to get the result by being out of practice.

As far as gameplay goes, Madden is fairly simple. Kicking, throwing, passing and tackling are all fairly simple – although tackling is probably the most difficult to grasp.

Play-calling is maybe a little bit harder to understand depending on your American football knowledge, but it’s broken down well between plays by EA Sports and it really all boils down to what your preference is.

For me, I like the ground and pound. I fancy Royce Freeman to be a beast this year and I made sure to get him the ball and run through any holes.

I also have a lot of problems throwing the ball and give up interceptions looking to make big plays. That’s one thing about Madden – play a realistic game to score points. Don’t just go for the huge plays.

Once you grasp how to play on both sides of the ball – and it won’t take you long – then it’s time to have some serious fun.

And getting an online game like the one I had with the Dolphins will have you loving Madden.

I went from 6-0 down to 10-9 up with 1:35 left on the clock, but stupidly messed up my clock management and struggled to come up with a big stop to deny my opponent a last second, game-winning field goal.

But that’s the sort of drama I’m after when I watch the NFL – so it’s pretty cool to get it when playing Madden too.

And that’s all you can ask for from Madden 19. Plain old fun!

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