Enjoy Watching and Betting On Sports? Here’s Why You Should Be Betting Online, With Your Mobile

Enjoy Watching and Betting On Sports? Here’s Why You Should Be Betting Online, With Your Mobile

Do you know people have been betting online on their favourite sports for more than 20 years now! It’s amazing that it’s been so long already, however, it’s the truth! The trend to place bets on the Internet started almost as soon as first online bookmakers made their presence felt online. It would be an understatement to say that things have changed tremendously ever since then.

Online sports betting has evolved considerably over the years and is a lot different than it used to be in its early days. Nowadays you have a wide range of top-notch sports books who offer their services on the Internet. High-end online casino platforms such as Betway Casino have also forayed into the world of online sports betting and have a huge customer base today.

Mobile online betting in particular allows you to place wagers from anywhere you like, at any time of day/night, as long as you have a mobile phone plus a working Internet connection. Not only can you bet on sports through these platforms, but enjoy many other mobile gaming options including slots, bingo, poker and more. Let’s go over some of the important advantages of mobile online betting.


The clearest and biggest advantage of placing online bets through one’s mobile phone is the convenience of betting anytime of the day/night, from anywhere in the world, as long as you are in possession of a mobile device, with a working Internet connection. You could be on the back seat of a bike or travelling in a train, placing bets is never a problem on a mobile phone.

We all know convenience is everything nowadays and getting the power to bet from anywhere you like, even when you are witnessing a game, in a stadium, is something that was a distant dream for sports bettors a few decades ago. But today you can simply flip out your mobile phone, get all the latest NBA updates online and place bets with your favourite bookmaker, all within the matter of a few minutes!

Live streaming on mobile phone

It is common knowledge that sports bettors can stream live events on their desktop computers or laptops, whether it is a World Cup football match or some live eSports action. However, some of the top bookmakers have made this facility available to their customers through mobile betting apps as well. Live streaming on mobile phones is an excellent feature, something that you can utilise even if you are relaxing on a couch in your home. More than anything, it gives you an additional avenue to stream, watch and stay on top of the events that you have placed bets on.

Cost effective

You don’t need to pay any additional fees if you choose to bet through your mobile phone. Majority of online bookmakers allow sports bettors to deposit money via their mobile apps or their mobile websites. While not every bookmaker would allow you to withdraw your winnings through a mobile phone, but almost 2/3 of the bookies today offer this feature to their clients.


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